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WHY I Do What I Do …and what I truly believe.

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Rob Bury

Why I Do What I Do

I BELIEVE IN challenging the Status Quo.   I believe in Honesty, Integrity & Positivity.  I believe Your Ideas & Projects are Important and that anyone helping you with them should handle them with the utmost of care & sincerity. I believe a Web Project should flow and build in a calm, smooth and stress free fashion. I believe there is already enough stress in the world and that we should do our best to enjoy our lives and our businesses.  I LOVE being creative & finding solutions.  I LOVE asking the question “How Can I?” then watching the inspiration flow in.

I LOVE helping people improve their lives both personally and professionally – it makes me feel good inside.   I also love being creative – it’s in my blood.  For me, when I’m losing myself in a creation of mine, it’s like I’ve been holding my breath and then I finally breathe.  It’s not that first breath, it’s the second breath where you totally relax & feel safe.  It’s like coming home after a long trip. Know what I mean?
I also feel a great burning inside to help the community around me. So it’s just natural that I would use my extensive knowledge of websites, marketing & forward thinking to help other business professionals connect with their respective communities.  Everybody wins and that is honestly the only way I’ll do it.

I BELIEVE a Website should produce a real world and measurable outcome.  And that the entire website should work in unison towards achieving that outcome in the most cost effective way possible.

I BELIEVE my job as a Web Professional is to give you a 1,000% effort, to go above & beyond and to perform in the fastest, most cost effective way possible.

HOW I Do It …and how that sets me apart from other web professionals.

I BELIEVE IN carefully listening to YOU then applying my extensive knowledge of website design, web development, SEO, SEM, internet marketing & Buyer Mechanics™ to produce a Website That WORKS™ for You!!!… All in the most cost effective way possible!

sketch-websites-that-work-graphicFirst I get very clear about what your desired outcome is.  This is crucial.  I’ve had literally 100’s of hours of training on learning how to listen to people.  Often times it’s not what someone says that reveals what the true outcome of a website is, it’s what they don’t say.  I’ve become very effective at flushing out “real outcomes.”  Why is this so important?  Saying I want a website to promote my business is like saying I would like to travel to Mexico.  A worthwhile goal indeed.  However getting very clear about your outcome and focusing on it makes it significantly more achievable. Having a goal to “Travel to Mexico” is extremely general and honestly not very actionable. Saying, “Next November I want to travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for two weeks. I want to stay in a nice yet affordable hotel that has a very nice pool w/ activities, is on the beach and doesn’t cost more than $75/night for a family of 2 adults and 1 child.” This would illustrate a “starting point” of getting very specific about what it is someone wants. There will be things that “pop out” as being important to you and things that are less important. I listen to it all and then refine & condense it down to the core elements and often times suggest things that maybe you hadn’t thought of. I make sure your desired outcome fits a set of criteria to ensure it is 100% achievable.

You may be thinking, Wow that sounds like a lot of work. But the truth is it actually happens pretty fast. Depending on how much you have thought about what you want – this step can take anywhere from :15 minutes to 2 hours (in extreme cases). Again I can not stress this step enough, at least 50% of the work is done by having a well defined outcome. Not having a well defined outcome is like trying to drag race a 1/4 mile with two flat tires… your attempt is doomed before you ever even get your engine started.

Once the Outcome is established and we all know what to expect – I break things into smaller actionable phases & steps.  This will be our road map to success and your achieved outcome.

WHAT I Do …and what the heck is a Website That WORKS™?

I do Websites That WORK™ they are different than what most other Web Pro’s are doing.   Many other web professionals know HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress and all the other credentials we web pro’s may have.  Some know a little about the ART FORM of Driving Internet Traffic to websites known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).   And some even know a little about Internet Marketing & Buyer Mechanics™. However very few can tie ALL of these elements together and actually show real numbers that the websites they’ve created actually achieved their clients actual desired outcomes.

That’s what a Website That WORKS™ is and that’s where I come in. 

See my Service below, check out my Credentials & Testimonials then, if you think I could be the perfect Web Professional for your project today contact me – I can hardly wait to hear all about my next exciting project!