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The Golden Trifecta of SEO

✓ achievement unlocked for VancouverPumpkinPatch.com!

#1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo’s organic search results, achieved in just under 2 1/2 months for VancouverPumpkinPatch.com’s number 1 search terms “vancouver pumpkin patch” = not too shabby! (click the image on the left)

Ok this definitely isn’t the first time I’ve achieved the GT of SEO but it’s always exciting when I do.  Any Search Engine Optimizer worth his/her salt will tell you these types of results are quite rare for “general” search terms (terms that are not brand/trademark specific).

The Facts:

  • Getting Top Ranking on Google is often very tough (ask anybody who’s tried).
  • Getting #1 Ranking on Google and staying there is even tougher.
  • Pulling Top 5 Ranking on all 3 major search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) is rare.
  • Pulling #1 Rankings on all 3 major search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) is extremely rare.
    • even just achieving this for a short time is a huge accomplishment
    • maintaining the “Golden Trifecta of SEO” can be very tough

The Challenges for this search term:

  • Vancouver, BC
    • Vancouver British Columbia is a much larger city and considered more relevant to the general search term “Vancouver” than Vancouver Washington EVEN (and amazingly) if you are searching from a computer currently located in Vancouver WA.
      • I didn’t create the search engine algorithm “rules” I just get to abide by them.
  •  Media Coverage
    and Local Powerhouse Websites linking to other Vancouver pumpkin patch websites

    • Newspaper and Television coverage, articles, links and exposure were already established for other Vancouver pumpkin patch websites for the previous year and several years prior.
    • Current (fresh) articles, links, discussions and advertising all going to other Vancouver pumpkin patch websites.

Achieving results of this kind are admittedly rare and do require a lot of SEO work.  However IF a website is worthy and relevant, doing your “due diligence” will often get a deserving website like VancouverPumpkinPatch.com the ranking and exposure it rightfully deserves.

Check the Current Organic Search Engine Results Yourself…

Keep in mind that search results are highly custom now-a-days… your results may vary.

  • SEO Search 201:
    Search Engine Results can vary significantly due to the following factors:

    • User Specific Results
      if you are “logged in” to any accounts on Google, Bing or Yahoo

      • doing a Google search while logged into Gmail can effect your results based on all sorts of factors.
    • Computer Specific Results
      Yes there are specific ways that Search Engines can tell which computer you are searching from and the “search history” (and other factors) of that computer can effect your search results.
    • Location Specific Results
      It has long been know that Search Engines serve up different results based on “where” geographically a search is being conducted from.

      • if you do a search for “local grocery stores” on a computer (yes, smartphones are computers too) located in Vancouver Washington you will get one set of results.  Do that search from a computer in Seattle Washington and you’ll get a completely different set of search results – and rightfully so.

… without further ado.  Here are the links to checking the Vancouver pumpkin patch search results yourself (keeping all of the “specific results” variations in mind).  BTW, most SEO pro’s would never make checking their work this easy (because it’s a risk at looking stupid) but I don’t mind…  the results are what they are and fluctuation is common in Search Engine Results.  Anyhow, here you go:

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