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What other people have said…

…about us, Robert & Driving Designs:

“Robert Bury is a man of quiet passion, dedicated to understanding not just what the client wants but also what they need. He operates very systematically … His thoughtful brightness and dogged persistence is outstanding. I would totally endorse him.”

Michael Grinder
President MGA, National Director of NLP in Education

“We were Amazed at how fast you were able to produce a sharp, attractive website that was not only functional, was ranked on the first page [on Google] almost immediately and illustrated exactly what our business is all about.”

Crystal Boldt
Velvet Acres Gardens

Rob’s enthusiasm and drive to create positive change is contagious! He is always the first person to offer help, or assistance… Rob is a patient and gifted teacher… Working with him, inspires me to better results, as it does the rest of the team!

Theresa Potratz
Marketing Coordinator, Portland Roasting Coffee

What sets us apart.

…and why you can trust us.


16 Years Experience

We have all the technical experience everybody else has plus we’ve been “doing it” online for over 16 years. From Web Development to Web Design to Digital Marketing (SEO) and more.
see: technical skills & experience

Results Driven

We focus everything on getting you the results you want. We start with defining your outcome, then everything needs to support your goal(s). If it doesn’t clearly support in achieving the results we want, then we don’t do it. It’s that simple.
Your Goals become Our Goals.

Human Behavior Experts

Let’s think about this, we are trying to influence people’s behavior: get them to do something… like buy our products or services. We now know that people’s behavior is 90+% based on the subconscious mind, so if you want to influence human behavior – you need to influence the subconscious mind.
Target the 90%, not the 10%, it’s simple.

Expert Life Coach

Why is this useful? Because often we have blocks to getting what we say we want. Life Coaching / Web Consulting can dramatically help you.

Here’s how to Get Started with us:

Let’s see if we’re a “good fit”.

Truth be told, we have very high expectations of our clients. We help people get what they want online – and we are relentless in achieving their desired outcomes online… and we aren’t for everybody.

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We have several very low cost and extremely useful options for you to choose from.

Book SEO / Web Consulting

We offer Web Consulting, Digital Marketing / SEO Consultant services booked in 15, 30 & 60 minute increments. Book time with us, fill out a quick intake form and schedule your time to converse with us.

Order a Digital Marketing ANSWERS! Report

ANSWERS! Report + 15 min. Q&A Call with Mr.BURY! Get the ANSWERS! Report of professionally rated & ranked words/phrases, that YOUR Target Market is Actively searching for, right now. [more info.]

Hire Us for a Small Web Task/Project*

You can hire us on an hourly, retainer basis. We prefer working with clients on smaller projects prior to working on a full website or large project, with a client.
* we want to make sure we’re a “good fit” prior to doing larger projects together.


“You never actually know if we will be a good fit with a client – until we try each other out.”
~ Rob BURY!, founder & CEO

Robert Bury, founder & CEO

Here are 3 ways, to try us out, for under $150:

and you are free to not try us out too, that would be a 4th way. 😉

SEO / Web Consulting

$24 to $96

15 to 60 min. increments
Ask “how-to” technical, marketing and web-anything questions:
  • Ask anything you want
  • Get Expert Advice
  • Book 15, 30 or 60min. increments
Book Now!

Web Pro Services


15 to 60 min. increments
Professional Web Service we offer:
  • Digital Marketing/SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
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