WHY I Do What I Do …and what I truly believe.

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Rob Bury

Why I Do What I Do

I BELIEVE IN challenging the Status Quo.   I believe in Honesty, Integrity & Positivity.  I believe Your Ideas & Projects are Important and that anyone helping you with them should handle them with the utmost of care & sincerity. I believe a Web Project should flow and build in a calm, smooth and stress free fashion. I believe there is already enough stress in the world and that we should do our best to enjoy our lives and our businesses.  I LOVE being creative & finding solutions.  I LOVE asking the question “How Can I?” then watching the inspiration flow in.

I LOVE helping people improve their lives both personally and professionally – it makes me feel good inside.   I also love being creative – it’s in my blood.  For me, when I’m losing myself in a creation of mine, it’s like I’ve been holding my breath and then I finally breathe.  It’s not that first breath, it’s the second breath where you totally relax & feel safe.  It’s like coming home after a long trip. Know what I mean?
I also feel a great burning inside to help the community around me. So it’s just natural that I would use my extensive knowledge of websites, marketing & forward thinking to help other business professionals connect with their respective communities.  Everybody wins and that is honestly the only way I’ll do it.

I BELIEVE a Website should produce a real world and measurable outcome.  And that the entire website should work in unison towards achieving that outcome in the most cost effective way possible.

I BELIEVE my job as a Web Professional is to give you a 150% effort, to go above & beyond and to perform in the fastest, most cost effective way possible. [READ MORE]

3 Random Quotes about Robert: (see: Full Testimonials)

"Robert Bury is a man of quiet passion"

Michael Grinder President MGA, National Director of NLP in Education MichaelGrinder.com April 14, 2016

"[Robert's] thoughtful brightness and dogged persistence is outstanding."

Michael Grinder President MGA, National Director of NLP in Education MichaelGrinder.com April 14, 2016

"Rob’s enthusiasm and drive to create positive change is contagious!"

Theresa Potratz Marketing Coordinator Portland Roasting Coffee April 14, 2016