“I’ve used Digital Marketing ANSWERS! Reports to:

SHORT VERSION: A Digital Marketing ANSWERS! Report is an SEO Keywords Report that is focused on conversions (more sales) for your specific business – based on your target market & your business’ goals and strong points (USP – Unique Selling Proposition).

>> BELOW are just some of the results I’ve generated, all STARTING with ANSWERS! Reports I’ve generated.

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    Double (or better) Sales

    I’ve generated pretty amazing numbers but doubling traffic, clicks, conversions and subsequent sales is pretty normal.

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    Earned Top Rankings on Google

    By targeting the right traffic, for your specific business, it’s pretty common for you to obtain top rankings.

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    Generate $100k in One Month

    By earning top rankings on Google, I’ve driven targeted traffic to websites that convert well for specific businesses.

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    Generated over $90M in Jobs

    From leads I’ve generated nationally, I’ve generated over $90 Million in construction jobs.

… and it all started with Digital Marketing ANSWERS! Reports I’ve created.”
Mr. BURY!, founder & CEO Driving Designs

What does
A N S W E R S! stand for?

ACRONYM Sentence: People are Actively (right Now) Searching Words on search Engines and you can get a report of these current keywords for your target market (that will convert well for your business), Ranked on a Spreadsheet – right now!

People are actively looking.
It’s their idea.
Nobody asked them to do it.
THEY are looking.

Do you want to know what Your TARGET MARKET is ACTIVELY looking for?

Right NOW, at this very minute.
They ARE Searching…

They’re trying to find your products and services, right now.

Do you want to know what your target market is SEARCHING for, right now?

Your Target Market is using words to do these searches.

Can you see how knowing these words would be useful?

TIP: knowing what words your target market is using, (or NOT USING) is like having your finger on the pulse of your current market.

They are using Search Engines to do these searches on.

The #1 Search Engine is Google, holding 81% of the searches. The #2 spot is Bing at under 7%.

Can you SEE how important KNOWING what your target market is searching for on Google?

A list of words is only useful if it is Ranked in order of relevancy to what YOU are wanting.

Knowing WHAT to target is incredibly useful.

Targeting the wrong words is the same amount of work as targeting the right words and most people are targeting the wrong stuff. Does that make sense?

Having this information in a Spreadsheet is extremely useful because then we can search, organize & evaluate the data, in different ways – to get the answers we want and need.

Professionally I use the ANSWERS! Reports all the time for making decisions like:

  • what words to target
  • what synonyms to explore
  • what domain names to use
  • what text to use in titles, descriptions, headers & body text
  • what words to use in my marketing
  • … and the list goes on and on.

Can you see why knowing exactly what words to use and why are so very very important?

The Top 5 things an ANSWERS! Report can show you:

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    What keywords to TARGET and why.

    With the way the report is color coded and organized, it becomes abundantly clear what keywords to target and why.

  • Connector.

    What NOT to target

    The Pareto Principal says that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts. By knowing where NOT to put our attention, we do LESS WORK and produce MORE RESULTS.

  • Connector.

    Get MORE Targeted Traffic

    It’s a FACT – When you target the right traffic, for your business, Google rewards you with FREE Organic traffic & lower-cost Paid Ads.

  • Connector.

    Low-Hanging Fruit & Competition Insight

    You will easily be able to improve your digital marketing strategy by seeing what your completion is focusing on and may have missed.

  • Connector.

    Improve Conversions & Sales

    It’s psychologically proven that by using the words & language your target market uses – you earn rapport & trust – which leads to much better conversions & sales.

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