WHY I Do What I Do …and what I truly believe.

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Rob Bury

Why I Do What I Do

I BELIEVE IN challenging the Status Quo.   I believe in Honesty, Integrity & Positivity.  I believe Your Ideas & Projects are Important and that anyone helping you with them should handle them with the utmost of care & sincerity. I believe a Web Project should flow and build in a calm, smooth and stress free fashion. I believe there is already enough stress in the world and that we should do our best to enjoy our lives and our businesses.  I LOVE being creative & finding solutions.  I LOVE asking the question “How Can I?” then watching the inspiration flow in.

I LOVE helping people improve their lives both personally and professionally – it makes me feel good inside.   I also love being creative – it’s in my blood.  For me, when I’m losing myself in a creation of mine, it’s like I’ve been holding my breath and then I finally breathe.  It’s not that first breath, it’s the second breath where you totally relax & feel safe.  It’s like coming home after a long trip. Know what I mean?
I also feel a great burning inside to help the community around me. So it’s just natural that I would use my extensive knowledge of websites, marketing & forward thinking to help other business professionals connect with their respective communities.  Everybody wins and that is honestly the only way I’ll do it.

I BELIEVE a Website should produce a real world and measurable outcome.  And that the entire website should work in unison towards achieving that outcome in the most cost effective way possible.

I BELIEVE my job as a Web Professional is to give you a 150% effort, to go above & beyond and to perform in the fastest, most cost effective way possible. [READ MORE]

3 Random Quotes about Robert: (see: Full Testimonials)

"[Robert] has the most incredible Web insight I've ever seen! You gotta have him look at your stuff!"

Chris Huston Owner/Broker, Habitation Homes PortlandOregonRealEstate.org April 15, 2016

"Working with [Robert], inspires me to better results, as it does the rest of the team!"

Theresa Potratz Marketing Coordinator Portland Roasting Coffee April 14, 2016

"[Robert is] Very personable..."

Doug Williams President at DW Digital Marketing 20+ Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Projects April 14, 2016